Our location

The area of current Boyeros dates back to the first settlements in the second half of the seventeenth century, with a group of immigrants from the Canary Islands.

This town comes from the settlement of a population center along the Royal Road South, between the towns of Calabazar and Santiago de Las Vegas, which had its antecedent in a house of Real Property, established since 1840 to collect the right of way to all kinds of transport to cross the road.

The land and its territory also promoted the greed of the presidents in the neocolonial era, here José Miguel Gómez had farms, Mario García Menocal and Alfredo Zayas, Machado and Prio, who had two. Finally, the construction of the first airport in the country in Rancho Boyeros, increased their chances of international communication in 1930.

In these lands that once were the presidents of the neocolonial stage, Hostal Doña Amalia Cuba stands within a farm itself, dedicated to organic cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Here you can hike and visit in the fields of crops alongside farmers. You can pick and taste delicious fruits yourself. All this just 20 minutes from the historic center of Havana and just minutes from the International and Domestic Airport in Havana Cuba.

The proximity of our home to the International Airport of Havana, 500m from the terminal No. 2 and 1500m terminal No. 3 is ideal for:

  • Travelers who plan to visit other cities and arrive at night to catch a flight the next morning.
  • Travelers with delayed or missed flights.
  • Travelers who stop for one night only.
  • Travelers who must be early for your flight back.

For these reasons and given the location of our home, it is ideal for a short break at the lowest prices for transportation compared to other locations in the center of Havana. We offer 24 hour service for dinners and breakfasts.

The shuttle service to and from the airport is priced at 15 CUC, while any other destination in the city costs between 30 and 40 CUC, including guided tours in Havana City.




#28509, 188 Lane, % 285 y 289, Baluarte, Boyeros, CP 19220, Havana, Cuba.